Doctors issue new warnings about silicone breast implants

HOUSTON – Doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center said they have found silicone breast implants are associated with an increased risk of some rare diseases and cancers.

"Some of the rare diseases that we saw were lupus, Sjogren's, autoimmune diseases,” Dr. Mark Clemens said.

Clemens reviewed data from women with smooth silicone implants from two manufacturers, the only two companies in existence the time data was collected.

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Clemens states the Food and Drug Administration considers implants safe. 

However, according to MD Anderson, one group of patients among the 100,000 women in the study had illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis and melanoma twice as frequently as the general population.

“Silicone implants were associated with common diseases and some rare diseases,” Clemens said. “It wasn't possible to say who was most at risk but this is important information for physicians to know because if they do encounter one of these very rare occurrences, they anticipate it and they know how to send the patient for further evaluation.”