Why more men are getting plastic surgery


HOUSTON – Women are the majority of patients opting for cosmetic procedures, but 10 to 15 percent of patients are now men, and they’ve generally got a different motivation for their makeover.

The top procedure men opt for is Botox, according to Dr. Bob Basu from Basu Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery in Cypress. He said men are their fastest-growing client group.

He said more than glamour and self-esteem, male clients tell him they are looking to be competitive in the workplace.

"I think confidence is really what it's all about and the other common concern that I hear from our patients is that they want to look competitive in the workforce and they want to feel good about themselves," Basu said.

If injections aren't enough to treat trouble spots, Basu said men go for face and eye lifts. Tummy tucks, weight loss contouring and CoolSculpting are climbing the charts in popularity among men.

"Guys are getting fit with their certain trouble spots such as the 'love handles' or the 'dad bod' that simply won't go away and so non-invasive techniques such as CoolSculpting with men have been incredibly popular because there is no needles, no down time, there's really no recovery and they start seeing results fairly quickly," Basu said.

Whether a procedure is considered invasive or non-invasive, all aesthetic procedures should be done by a board-certified doctor. Plus, Basu said if you're going to have a surgical procedure, make sure your procedure is done in a fully accredited or state-licensed ambulatory surgery center or facility.