She's got a bob like Britta Merwin! Meteorologist's protege follows through on hair donation

HOUSTON – A little girl who aspires to become a meteorologist like Britta Merwin recently followed through on a promise to donate her hair to kids with cancer. 

Through Jemma Nicholson’s haircut, she managed to do a good deed and look a little more like her role model, KPRC2’s meteorologist. 

Jemma met Merwin last year when she lived out her dream of delivering the forecast. The pair shared more than a few fun moments on-air last June. 

Since then, the “Pint-size Britta” has been growing her hair long enough to donate it to kids with cancer, and cut it to mimic Merwin’s look. 

In the video above, you can see Jemma’s special message to Merwin as she gets her hair cut to give it to a cancer cause in Minnesota. 

Asked how she felt, Jemma replied, “Super good!”

“I’m so excited that I donated my hair,” Jemma said in the video. “It feels so different. I’m not used to it yet. Slo what I’m going to do is ship it to Minnesota, and what they’re going to do is make it into a wig and send it to a cancer patient. I’m so excited.”

In an email to KPRC, Jemma's mother, Ayse Nicholson, wrote, “Thank you, Britta, for continuing to inspire others!  I am so happy that you are my daughter’s role model!”

Also in Jemma's video, she mentions her friend Piper Lively, a little girl KPRC2 featured as she danced her way through a chemotherapy treatment. 

KPRC 2 has learned the Piper is still battling neuroblastoma, but that she is “doing very well,” according to Ayse Nicholson. Jemma also mentioned that Piper’s hair is growing back.


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