This app could help with nighttime driving

HOUSTON – For many people who drive at night, glare from oncoming headlights makes it hard to see the road.

Now there's an app that could help start the conversation with a loved one about driving at night, or explaining to your doctor how bad it is.

John Anderson demonstrated how to use the app "Night Glare." 

It helped him articulate to his doctor why driving at night was getting difficult.

The inventor of the app, John McAllister, said it imitates headlights of an oncoming car. Covering one eye at a time and staring at the dot on the screen will show different stages of glare that could indicate eye problems.

“If you do have glare, you will see glare that's going from the central light source, extends to the outer ring, then we recommend you consult your eye care professional,” McAllister said.

He recommends drawing what you see on the app to help your doctor visualize what you see on the road.

Anderson said the illustration helped determine he had cataracts.

“The cataract had really progressed very rapidly and it did affect my night vision,” Anderson said. “It makes it impossible to, or very difficult to see the road.”

The solution for him was surgery.

However, McAllister said the cure for other people may be simpler, like adjusting contact lenses or treating dry eyes.

“When you do test for glare using this device, you have something to talk to the optometrist about,” McAllister said.

The app will cost you $1.99 in both Apple and Android stores.

While this can happen to anyone, at any age, the problem may get worse with age.

McAllister said having this technology might make it more comfortable to bring up the conversation that maybe someone you know should no longer drive at night.