Infection in baby's brain prompts new guidelines for breast pump cleanliness

Guidelines urge parents to wash, sanitize parts thoroughly


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Federal health watchdogs have issued new guidelines for safely cleaning breast pumps. 

Under the new guidelines, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now gives more concise guidelines for parents when it comes to breast pump cleanliness.

Experts say to wash all pump parts after every use to prevent dangerous bacteria from growing. 

They also advise parents to wash hands thoroughly before handling the parts. Having a dedicated brush and wash basin for the parts is also advised.

For extra protection, parents are urged to sanitize the parts by boiling, steaming or using a dishwasher's sanitization cycle after each cleaning.

The new guidelines come after an infection affected a premature baby's brain. The infection was linked to bacteria on breast pump parts after a mother soaked the parts in soapy water before rinsing them off hours later.

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