Crazy drink combos that will benefit your health

Would you drink coffee and mushrooms? Boiled bone broth? Avocado and chocolate?

These are some popular drink combinations that may not be palatable but claim big health benefits. For example, mushroom-coffee promises to increase productivity among other things.

“They say it improves blood sugars, helps you feel full and then it has antioxidants, which only part of that is actually true. So, mushrooms are actually healthy for you and there are some types mushrooms that have been shown to reduce blood sugars and reduce cholesterol. The problem is, you don’t know what you’re getting when you get these products: How are they made, how are they extracted and then are they denatured by high heat?” said Dr. Richard Harris with Kelsey Seybold Clinic in Katy.

He said you can put mushroom extract in your cup of Joe if you’re interested in experimenting.

Another ancient remedy gaining new fame is bone broth. It's exactly what it sounds like: put the whole carcass into a pot, boil and strain it. Fans say this way you get nutrients essential for healthy bones, teeth, and skin.

“Really all you're doing is getting a concentrated source of protein,” Harris said. He said any idea that your body can absorb collagen from the carcass is not true.

Plus, he said not to consume bone broth from prepackaged containers to avoid a large amount of sodium.

“If you're going to do that for whatever reason, just make it at home,” Harris said.

Avocado and chocolate sound strange together but this smoothie known to give a morning boost is what Harris recommends drinking before bed.

“Your body is more carb sensitive in the morning, you're just more likely to burn carbs if you eat them in the morning and afternoon than if you eat them at night so it's better to eat them in the morning then switch to good fats because those burn slowly,” he said. “I would try to drink that maybe before I go to bed, try and get some of those antioxidants in at night and then also to get those good fats in at night.”