12 Days of CrossFit offers slight twist on traditional Christmas festivities

HOUSTON – 'Tis the season, but instead of boughs of holly and reindeer sleighs, a class of CrossFitters in Cinco Ranch are prepping for the occasion with a twist on a holiday classic.

Rather than 12 Days of Christmas, they're engaging in an annual workout known as 12 Days of Crossfit.

"(It is) one of the more complicated workouts that we do of the year because we end up doing so many movements," said lead coach and CrossFit Katy founder Neal Kay.

It is 12 movements, in fact, for a total of 364 reps.

Everything from pull-ups to box jumps.

There also are hang cleans, front squats, kettle bell swings, sumo deadlifts and front rack lunges.

The twist? Instead of getting gifts from your true love like in the song -- your coach substitutes the presents with the workout movements.

"You go from rep one to rep two, one. Rep three, two, one," said Kay. "All the way down until you do the last round is 12 up to one."

The workout takes on average about 30 minutes to complete.

Standard weight on the barbells for guys is 95 pounds 65 for girls.

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And regardless of your level of fitness or experience, 12 Days of CrossFit is without a doubt mind over matter.

"At some point, especially with a long workout like this, you're gonna hit that point mentally where you might want to quit," said Kay. "You know, you're going to slow down, you know, 'Why am I doing this?' And you just gotta push yourself through it and that's part of the fun."

It depends on your definition of fun we suppose -- but on this day there were no quitters and everyone left everything they had on the floor.

One final workout to earn that extra turkey and dressing over the holiday season. And, as in most aspects of CrossFit, the class managed the misery together.

"When you're doing something with a group of people, and everybody's suffering through the same thing together and doing it," said Kay. "Everybody wants to support each other, also."

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