What to do with remaining health savings for 2015

HOUSTON – If someone has a flexible savings account, the clock is ticking to use up the remaining funds for 2015.

If there is money left in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), the funds can be used for doctor visits, lab tests and hospital stays.

If people don't anticipate all that, don't forget to stock up getting contact lenses, blood work, dental work, vaccines, and some prescriptions. Even if someone can't see their doctor, call them and ask for prescription medicine that they need refilled.

Also check the online FSA store, they make it easy for people to click on a list of everything that does and does not require a prescription.

FSA can be used for over-the-counter meds like:

• Antacids

• Allergy medications

• Pain relievers

• Cold medicine

• Anti-diarrhea medicine

• Cough drops and throat lozenges

• Sinus medications and nasal sprays

• Nicotine medications and nasal


• Pedialyte

• First aid creams

• Calamine lotion

• Wart removal medication

• Antibiotic ointments

• Suppositories and creams for


• Sleep aids

• Motion sickness pills

FSA cannot be used for:

• Toiletries (including toothpaste)

• Acne treatments

• Lip balm (including Chapstick or Carmex)

• Cosmetics (including face cream and moisturizer)

• Suntan lotion

• Medicated shampoos and soaps

• Vitamins (daily)

• Fiber supplements

• Dietary supplements

• Weight loss drugs for general well being

• Herbs

The IRS has a list of eligible, and non-eligible medical expenses for FSA here.