2 brothers test positive for E. coli

5 cases of E. coli 0157H7 confirmed in Brazos County

HOUSTON - Two brothers from College Station were hospitalized at Texas Children's Hospital on Wednesday after testing positive for E. coli.

The brothers -- 4-year-old Jack Melton and 17-month-old Noah Melton -- contracted E. coli strain 0157H7, which turned into hemolytic-uremic syndrome. The brothers were listed in fair condition.

The strand is considered uncommon. Hemolytic-uremic syndrome, or HUS, is a condition that results from the premature destruction of red blood cells, which can cause kidney failure.

Three adults have also been confirmed to have the same E. coli strain, said the Brazos County Health Department. Three more cases are being investigated.

"An unusual cluster of cases that you don't expect could technically be considered an outbreak," said Dr. Eric Wilke with the Brazos County Health Department. "We are looking away from a single-source restaurant to more of a supply chain issue."

The usual recovery time is about one week.

To avoid contracting E. coli, doctors recommend frequently washing your hands, avoiding unpasteurized dairy products, and cooking meats thoroughly.

According to the Center for Disease Control, symptoms include stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting.

You can offer well wishes to the family on this Facebook page.

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