Map shows where to find haunted house attractions in Houston area

By Samara Perez - Contributor

HOUSTON - It's spooky season, so be ready to face your worst fears and become frightened at any of these haunted houses in the Houston area.

Below is a map of haunted houses in and around the city where you can experience some Halloween scares:

Here's a list of the haunted houses which seem to be the most terrifying, including the attractions, dates and prices offered at each:

Houston Terror Dome Haunted House

Houston Terror Dome is an indoor haunted house with multiple air-conditioned attractions like its walk through vortex, a butchers shop and several 3D rooms. The haunted house also features a paintball attraction called Sicko's and Freako's Paint Ball Massacre where you pay $10 for the first 100 shots.

When: Open from Sept. 21 through Nov. 2

Cost: $20 per person, with a $5 increase on peak days.

Parking: Free.

13th Floor Haunted House

13th Floor is an indoor, air-conditioned haunted house where you will take an elevator ride down to the 13th floor of a multi story building to find its three attractions-- Clown, La Llorona, and Necronomicon.

When: Open from Sept. 20 through Nov. 9.

Cost: Tickets start at $19.99, prices vary depending on the day.

Parking: Free street parking, paid on-site parking.

Redrum Fear Park

Redrum Fear Park offers four indoor attractions-- Cinegore, Deadwood Asylum, Twisted Circus Rewired 3D and its newest one Lazer Fury.

Cost: $35 online, $40 at the door.

When: Open every weekend from Sept. 28 through Nov. 2.

Creepy Hollow Haunted House

At Creepy Hollow Haunted House all attractions are included with your admission. Its three main haunts are Pitch Black, Dark Woods and 288 Scare Factory. There will be trick-or-treating from 6 p.m to 7 p.m. on Halloween night.

Cost: $35 per person.

When: Open every Friday and Saturday from Sept. 13 through Nov. 2. 

Hours: 7 p.m. to midnight.

Haunted Drive

This outdoor haunted attraction takes place as you drive down a dark quarter-mile long road. Haunted Drive will ensure your entire ride is entertaining with its various themes filled with multiple actors and animatronics.

Cost: $10 per vehicle, $20 for trucks with riders on truck bed. Cash only.

When: Opens every Friday and Saturday starting Oct. 11. until Nov. 2.

Hours: 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

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