Minister, activist call on Nike, Michael Jordan to end shoe craze

Group wants price of shoes lowered and made more available

HOUSTON - A Houston minister is calling on Michael Jordan and Nike to end the craze over the high-price Jordan shoes that have led to violence.

People at Houston's Greenspoint Mall were trampled trying to buy the $180 shoes.

A group of community activists gathered outside the mall Wednesday, standing together, saying enough is enough.

"I'm challenging all of the parents. Teach your children different values. Teach your children to have greater priorities because Michael Jordan's Air Jordan sneaker is not more significant than public safety and human life," said Quanell X.

The shoes were available in limited supply.

Quanell X and others are asking Nike and Michael Jordan to lower the price of the shoes and make them accessible to everyone.

"We are not here to say down with Nike or down with Michael Jordan. I'm a Jordan fan, I'm from that era. But, we're saying that we need his influence, his leadership, the brilliance of Nike to send a message," said activist James Dixon.

The group today outside Greenspoint Mall said they have sent a message to Nike by email and have called. They have not heard back.

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