Make money by cooking dinner? Some people are

Online supper clubs connect adventurous diners with passionate chefs

By Jenelle Shriner - News Executive Producer

HOUSTON - If you want to find the next big culinary trend, look no further than your own home. Or that of a stranger. 

Online supper clubs, such as Feastly, are connecting adventurous diners with passionate chefs, who meet over a homemade meal.

So how does it work? Feasters, or diners, choose from a range of meals designed by the chefs, and book a seat. Typically, seats cost around $30.

"And then you show up. As you'll see this evening, you'll have many people who don't know each other coming together around a table to eat together," said Danny Harris, co-founder of Feastly.

Feasters report not only enjoying a nice dinner, but also making friends in the process.

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