Houston crawfish dishes you NEED to try

Local businesses putting delicious twists on crawfish

By Erica Young - News Producer

Louisiana-born KPRC producer Erica Young has taste-tested local eateries for their crawfish-based food.

HOUSTON - As a Louisiana-born, Cajun-food loving producer, I feel like it's my duty to let KPRC 2 viewers know about the delicious crawfish dishes that I find in Houston.

So brace your taste buds... I found some new ones!

CRAWFISH CROISSANTS: What better way to start your morning than with crawfish? The crawfish croissant is a new addition to the EggHaus Gourmet menu at its store on TC Jester. It is delicious. My first thought: I couldn't believe how big they were. Second thought: YUM! 

CRAWFISH JAMBALAYA KOLACHES: Kolache Kings prides itself on what goes into its kolaches, constantly looking for the next mouth-watering filling to tempt your taste buds. I think they've found a winner with its jambalaya kolache. It's packed with crawfish, sausage and cheddar cheese. Kolache Kings is a delivery company, so you can order via UberEats during breakfast hours or on its website. BONUS DISH: They also have a red beans kolache that will knock your socks off.

CRAWFISH PIES: This place (Calliope's) is known for its po-boys but it was the crawfish pie that was the star in my eyes. It's on the appetizer menu. It's small but packed with flavor. Calliope's has two Houston locations: one on W. Bellfort and one on Westheimer. BONUS DISH: They also have something called crawfish cheese rolls...heavy on the cheese (and that's never a bad thing). 

CRAWFISH PHO: If you like crawfish and you like pho, you pho-sho gotta try this tasty dish at LA Crawfish. I first heard about it a few years ago and I've been obsessed ever since. This is how it's described on the LA Crawfish men: "Cajun-infused broth with a dozen or so hand-peeled Crawfish tail meat and sliced double smoked Andouille sausage accompanied by the traditional Vietnamese Pho accoutrements." 

CRAWFISH SAUSAGE: I was very intrigued when a place called Hebert's Specialty Meats opened up in my area on Richmond Ave. I finally got a chance to go check it out, and I was like a Cajun kid in a candy store. I went straight to the crawfish sausage and made it myself at home. I put it in a red beans & rice mix. It was delightful (even with my lackluster kitchen skills). 

Do YOU know about a crawfish dish I should try? Email me at eyoung@kprc.com.

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