3 Chili Turkey Burger

Three Chili Turkey Burger

1 lb- lean ground turkey
2- Jalapeno roasted skinned and seeded
2 – Anaheim Chilies roasted and skinned.
1- Pablano Pepper roasted and skinned
4- Slice Monterey jack
12- Slices of Roma Tomatoes
8 – Slices of Red Onions
4- Whole Wheat hamburger bun
4- tbl of Salsa

First roast all your chilies until the skins are charred. Then peel off the charred skin and de-seed each chili. Next small dice all the chilies, and fold them into your ground turkey. Now separate your ground turkey into 4 even amounts and form into patties. Place the patties on pre-heated grill and cook to an internal temperature of 160. Last place one slice of Monterey jack on each burger and let the cheese melt slightly. Place Turkey burger on the roll, topped with the red onions, tomatoes, and Salsa.