Holy guacamole! These are the giant avocados around the world you need to know about


In honor of National Guacamole Day, celebrated on Sept. 16, we take a look at enormous avocados around the world that'll make you say "holy guacamole!"

Florida's long neck avocado

Pictures of these long neck avocados from a Florida farm have been going viral. According to the Miami Fruit farm, one long neck avocado can make 12 avocado toasts.

Orders of a box of the fruit range from $47 to $197, though they do not guarantee a long neck avocado will come in your order. The large fruit was in season and available for shipment until Aug. 14.

Unfortunately for those in California, the freakishly long avocado cannot be shipped to the state as the USDA prohibits it.

Australia's Avozilla

Another gigantic avocado can be found in Australia. The "Avozilla" is described this way: "as big as your head."

According to Guardian Australia, the large fruit weighs nearly three pounds and is the size of four regular-sized avocados. It can only be found in Australian supermarkets.

Imagine the amount of guacamole you can make with these two massive avocados!

Did we miss any massive avocados? Let us know in the comments.

Happy National Guacamole Day, y’all!

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