Postino Winecafe to open 2nd Texas location at familiar Houston spot

Restaurant will take over old Montrose Mining Company building

Photo courtesy of Postino Winecafe
Photo courtesy of Postino Winecafe

HOUSTON – The old Montrose Mining Company isn’t coming back to Houston, but life will be restored to the building where it was located.

Postino Winecafe announced Tuesday that it will open its second Texas location, this time at the old Montrose Mining Company building on 805 Pacific Street.

Based in Phoenix, Postino Winecafe will open the new location Sept. 15 and will preserve much of the features of the old 3,500 square foot building, such as the original bricks and old photos, to restore as much of its feel as possible.

The restaurant will have 103 dining seats, 24 bar seats and 70 covered patio seats.

“The restoration of the former Montrose Mining Company building has been a labor of love," said Postino founder Lauren Bailey. "Most would call us crazy for the lengths we’ve gone to preserve and restore literally the thousands of bricks that surfaced that building. We believe that these historic spaces carry special energy – kind of vibrate at a higher frequency.  It’s easier and cheaper to knock it down and build something new, but that’s never been what we stand for.”

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