Hidden Valley Ranch Pop-Tarts? What Pop-Tarts, the internet had to say about potential combo

(Kyle Heroff /Twitter)

HOUSTON – Can you really put ranch on anything? The Twitterverse sure thinks so, well most of Twitter. 

Hidden Valley Ranch tweeted at Pop-Tarts Wednesday, proposing a very unusual combination.

“Let’s have some fun and give the people what they want,” referring to a potential collaboration between brands, creating a ranch-dressing Pop-Tart.

As all of Twitter went wild thinking about this and other potential combinations, like loaded baked potato, orange juice and toothpaste as well as boot leather, Pop-Tarts was quick to decline the original offer saying, “lol no.” 

Although the tweets did not stop there. 

Another account tweeted at Pop-Tarts bringing up the interesting combination. 

And once again Pop-Tarts was quick to decline saying, “delete your account chief.” 

Even the Little Debbie Twitter account responded to all of the twitter backlash saying, “There are times when people need to be protected from themselves.”

Pop-Tarts seemed to be glad there was at least one other person that disagreed with the flavor combination. They responded to the snack cakes company saying, “Little Debbie will protect me from the ranch dressing people.”

As of right now, It does not look like ranch fans will be able to buy frosted Pop-Tarts with ranch filling any time soon, and they will just have to stick to putting ranch on, well, everything else.