This is the best Whataburger merchandise remarking on the chain's sale to Chicago bank

HOUSTON – Since Texas-based Whataburger announced earlier this month that the company has been sold to a Chicago bank, BDT Capital Partners, new merchandise is remarking on the sale.

Here is some of the best merchandise we found making light of the news "flipping out" Texans.

Chicago Shirt $23
The T-shirt reads "Chicago's Most Famous Texas Hamburger Chain (Since June 2019)!" The orange screen print is on a white T-shirt. It is designed and printed by Raygun.

Don’t Mess with Whataburger shirt $20

Come and Take It Whataburger shirt $22.50

Don’t Mess with Whataburger logo $2.95

Defend Whataburger paper logo $5

And there's also the Whataburger Whata-store merchandise that just hurts right now because it’s all about Texas. And we can't help but notice that some Texas-oriented pieces are ending up in the sale bin on the chain's website.

So Big It's Gotta Be from Texas Tee, $19.99

Whataburger State Tee, $19.99

Whataburger Texas Treasure Tee, $19.99

The Bigger Better Texas Tee, $19.99

Howdy, y'all Tee, $14.99 

Boot Tee, $14.99



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Amanda Cochran is an Edward R. Murrow award-winning journalist. She specializes in Texas features, consumer and business news and local crime coverage.