Family’s duckling rescue story will remind you of all the good in the world

It was a simple but meaningful act: ‘You always have to help wildlife, especially in need’

When Laurel Reichold and her family woke up on a recent Sunday morning, she looked outside and noticed it was rainy.

She checked the forecast. It was supposed to rain all day. It was April 11 -- a day that now stands out in her mind, because of what would follow.

Reichold, of Jacksonville, Florida, thought it might be fun to take her sons on a brief outing; a little rainy day pick-me-up.

So, they headed to the car, with Reichold thinking she’d get a coffee for herself and a treat for the boys.

How the day was about to unfold, she probably wouldn’t have expected.

Once they got in the car, they passed by a pretty big pond. It was a drainage-type pond associated with a neighborhood development. Reichold recalls seeing a mother duck with a bunch of ducklings in tow.

“I remember seeing how many she had,” Reichold said. “It was noticeable, which I pointed out to the kids.”

They looked, then went on with their day, and then -- a coincidence.

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