Michigan zoo announces birth of 2 polar bear cubs for first time in decades

Polar bear cubs are being cared by zookeepers at Detroit Zoo and by Suka, the mother cub. (Detroit Zoo/Facebook)

ROYAL OAK, Mich. – For the first time in two decades, a Michigan zoo is now home to two newborn polar bear cubs, WDIV reported.

The two cubs, born on Nov. 17, 2020, are not viewable by guests and are being cared for by zookeepers and veterinary staff in a private maternity room away from other bears and animals at the Detroit Zoo.

According to a news release, one of the cubs, a female, appeared weak and inactive while in observation and was taken to a veterinary clinic for treatment.

We can bear-ly contain our excitement! Two polar bear cubs were born November 17, 2020, to parents Suka and Nuka at the...

Posted by Detroit Zoo on Friday, January 29, 2021

The mother polar bear, Suka had given birth twice in the past, but none of her cubs had survived. This is the first time her cubs had survived past a few days, the zoo said.

Zoo officials said the mother is being attentive to her cub in between feeding and bathroom breaks, allowing time to cuddle and bring care to them.

The experience of a cub raised by humans and a cub raised by a mother polar bear is rare but rewarding, as zoo officials are able to learn more about the development of the cubs, WDIV reported.

The zoo has not said whether the female cub will reunite with her polar bear family at the Arctic Ring exhibit, which is currently not viewable to guests at this time.

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