‘That’s my mom, and my mom is missing’ -- This story about a mother-daughter reunion years in the making will touch you

And it’s all thanks to the kindness of strangers

Stock image. Daria Shevtsova
Stock image. Daria Shevtsova (Pexels)

It’s been more than a month since she was found in the middle of the night, shaking from cold and hunger.

And all is well, for now. But first, let’s rewind.

Late on Dec. 8, Shayma Mustafa placed a call to Mohamed Moussa, the owner of Al’s Grille in Dearborn, Michigan, who in November had discovered a homeless woman struggling with mental illness standing outside a gas station.

At that time, back in November, Moussa invited the woman to eat at his restaurant, and then got in touch with a friend who housed the woman for three weeks.

Eventually, the woman left the house and came back to Moussa, who allowed her to stay and sleep inside the restaurant to escape the cold.

“She slept on the floor for three days,” Moussa said.

After community members helped spread the word on social media, detailing some of the woman’s circumstances, eventually, Mustafa got in touch with Moussa.

Mustafa works for KBK Relief Foundation, a nonprofit organization in the Detroit area.

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