Coolest virtual classroom ever? This teacher dresses up on Zoom every day in the best costumes

And she nails the matching background, too

Margaret-Ann Wommer
Margaret-Ann Wommer (Provided by Margaret-Ann Wommer)

When a teacher in Metro Detroit learned the news -- that high schools across the state would be switching to virtual learning once again, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic -- she felt sad, despite knowing the move was “absolutely necessary.”

Still, she wanted to do something fun for her students, at Frankel Jewish Academy in West Bloomfield.

“I love dressing up in costumes,” said Margaret-Ann Wommer, 30, of Troy, Michigan.

And she had them around the house -- it’s not as if she had to order a bunch on Amazon or drop a bunch of money at a store. Wommer said she loves Halloween, and dressing up is just fun.

An idea was starting to form.

“It honestly just came to me,” Wommer said. “I was feeling like (the time doing virtual school) was going to be monotonous -- not leaving the house, like every day might seem the same, staring at everything on a computer screen. If I didn’t find it exciting, I didn’t think my students would, either. So I thought, let’s do something to change that.”

On her first day of the “project,” if you could call it that, Wommer showed up online dressed as Rosie the Riveter, complete with the “We Can Do It” mantra as her background.

Margaret-Ann Wommer (Provided by Margaret-Ann Wommer)

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