Need a breather after this whirlwind of a year? Take a beat at this West Texas container home for rent

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Hermosa Container Home

2020 feels cursed. It’s clobbered us with one catastrophe after another (e.g., the worst pandemic in a century, economic collapse, social unrest and a bitter election.) Chances are, your phone’s been buzzing with breaking news nearly every day, if not every other hour, of this never-ending year.

And even if you’ve only occasionally peeked at the news, the stress of so many alerts and updates may have left you feeling a bit burnt out. A break from the hubbub could probably do you some good.

Short of time travel, your best bet at an escape is traveling so far from civilization (and its cell service) your phone, and the world events it won’t stop chiming on and on about, cease to pester you.

Enter the Hermosa Container Home, a shipping container retrofitted as a short-term rental. Located in Marfa, the low-profile Airbnb is an oasis of isolation where guests can set down their screens (unsurprisingly, cell service is less than stellar), stretch their legs, breathe in the fresh air and rejuvenate in the natural world.

The container home boasts a king bed, a living room, a full kitchen, and several spots well-suited for stargazing. Located at the highest point in Marfa, the luxe rental boasts some seriously stunning deck views.

On the vacation rental’s Airbnb page, dozens of comments from former guests praise the quirky accommodations.

“We really enjoyed our stay here,” wrote Oliver, who stayed in March 2020. “It was our first time staying in a container home and we loved it. The large windows really invite the high desert light and colors which we really enjoyed. The whole place is filled with neat little artisan sculptures and accents. And on the cold mornings the heated floors and extra space heaters were very welcome. We appreciated the thought that went into the aesthetic and comfort of the furniture.”

One happy camper complimented the Airbnb’s gracious host, Christina.

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