Book a night behind bars at this Texas jail-turned-hotel

Solitary confinement awaits you at this stylish slammer

The Cell Block (Curtis W. Callaway)

Hidden away in an art alley on the west side of downtown Clifton, The Cell Block offers wannabe jailbirds a night behind bars -- for a price, that is.

Built in the 1930s, the two-cell jailhouse was later converted into a unique 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom boutique hotel.

On your way inside the slammer, snap a mugshot with the facility’s instant camera. For added authenticity, slip on a pair of complementary handcuffs. Just remember not to lose the key!

Styling itself a “bed & booze” as opposed to a bed & breakfast, the jail, er hotel, offers inmates, er guests, plenty to imbibe to get through the night -- a bottle of prison wine (The Cell Block’s own Tempranillo wine) and a flask filled with hooch (actually Balcones Distilling whiskey).

A warning: There’s no TV in this clink so bring a good book. We recommend Cool Hand Luke, Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison or The Count of Monte Cristo. Not one for reading? Crank some prison-inspired tunes on the contraband record player in your cell, er suite, or warm yourself by the fire pit on the rooftop’s prison yard, er deck. There, you’ll find a set of handmade dominoes hidden away in a wooden cigar box.

A cell, er room (if that’s the vernacular you’re comfortable with) rents for $225-260 nightly. To book your night behind bars, visit

Now, ladies and gentlemen of the Lone Star State, it’s time for the photos you’ve all been waiting for.

(Cue drum roll)

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