Story of 10-year-old Texas boy with Down Syndrome goes viral and Great Wolf Lodge steps in with nice birthday gift

Kameron Domingo receives gifts from family and friends during his birthday parade (Phyllis Domingo)

SAN ANTONIO – When 10-year-old Kameron Domingo’s parents had to cancel his birthday at an indoor waterpark, they came up with another way to celebrate his milestone last Sunday, KSAT reported.

Kameron has Down Syndrome, and has eating difficulties. He wanted to celebrate his birthday at Great Wolf Lodge, but it was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Phyllis Domingo, Kameron’s mom called up his friends, his school teachers and her friends to organize a birthday parade. He has not seen them for the past two months.

She said he had been sick for the past few months.

“He has been to feeding clinics where he is slowly learning how to eat,” she said, “He goes to therapy twice a week but hasn’t been in two months because of all of this. He has been in and out of the hospital, so we decided we were not going to have a party this year.”

When Great Wolf Lodge heard about the birthday cancellation, they sent Kameron a birthday care package that included a one-night voucher to stay during his half-birthday in the fall.

Sunday came, and Kameron stepped outside with his parents to see cars passing one-by-one with “Happy Birthday Kameron!” signs. Several of them were giving out presents to the birthday boy.

“He hasn’t seen anybody in so long in person and neither have we, you know, so it is just great that everybody came out and supported him and his birthday,” said Glenn Domingo, his dad. “It is fantastic. It is a milestone right.”

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