As retail to-go launches in Texas, here’s how Houston businesses are celebrating and offering deals

HOUSTON – Texans, are you ready for retail to-go?

Retail businesses can finally reopen, however, they can only operate on a to-go basis such as curbside pickup. And Texas couldn’t be more excited.

Friday morning the First Colony Mall in Sugar Land was open for business, curbside business. “We do a lot of shopping; we are always buying something,” said John who was with wife of 50 years, Dolores. “She goes in every store and looks at it, while I am sitting out on the bench,” said John. Fortunately for John, only curbside pick is available for the 15 stores reopening for retail to go operations at the First Colony Mall.

Dozens of shoppers came to mall for a myriad of purchases including new glasses, life jackets and summer clothes. Angelette Jones came to get a bicycle for her daughter. “She is so excited, I think I ordered it Monday and every day she is like when is my bike coming, when is my bike coming,” said Jones. She says balancing the economy with public health is a very difficult situation. “I have family members who have COVID, and one of them is in the hospital, he’s been in ICU for about a month,” said Jones. However, she does support curbside pick-up if risk is mitigated. “I think as long as they minimize people co-mingling and stuff like that, I think it’s a good thing,” said Jones.

Friday the Pearland Town Center also opened for retail to go, as did the Memorial City Mall. “I usually bring my mom, but during this time my mom stays home,” said shopper Angela Tufail. The Memorial City Mall offers curbside pickup as well as UNO lockers where shoppers enter a special code and can grab their items inside the locker 24/7. “I don’t think anything will ever be back to normal because we are always going to be kind of worried and stuff like that,” said Tufail.

Many retailers are operating on limited hours, while others are bringing extra deals to bring in shoppers. Here’s what Texas is doing:

Dragon’s Lair, a comics and trading card shop in Spring filmed its first purchase using curbside delivery.

Trendy retailer Jubilee in the Heights area will be doing “FaceTime” shopping each day until 6 p.m.

Instagram user gglawing is excited to support small businesses during the pandemic. By the end of this week she may have Christmas presents already purchased.

Tribute Goods will also offer “drop-offs” for those Houstonians stuck at home.

Old Town Spring’s Pierce and Belle says they are working hard to bring the best for customers by doing curbside and delivery.