Someone took a bite out of Lance McCullers Jr.’s Chipotle burrito and his reaction is priceless

Lance McCullers Jr. in an interview along with Brett Phillips from the Kansas City Royals for the MLB Players League (Courtesy of Cut4)

Houston Astros’ pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. wasn’t having it when he found out his burrito from Chipotle was tampered with after delivery.

He told the story in an interview with Cut4 along with Brett Philips from the Kansas City Royals. The whole thing unfolded during a livestream of MLB The Show’s Players League on Twitch.

McCullers said that his story is “more tragic than Shakespeare."

“Bro, it was so clear that they had opened it and took a bite," he said, describing the bite as a ‘Jaws’ bite’”.

Phillips, on the other hand, had a laughing fit at McCullers’ Chipotle story. “You deserved that!”

McCullers and Phillips competed in a match for the Players League Wednesday night on Twitch as part of the MLB The Show’s Players League as a way to fill in the void of missing the regular season as it is currently postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

McCullers will play against Matt Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals Thursday night. The stream will be live on YouTube.

Hear the full “delivery-gone-wrong” story below.