How you can watch Houston Zoo animals from home through their webcams

Photo credit: Stephanie Adams/Houston Zoo
Photo credit: Stephanie Adams/Houston Zoo

While the Houston zoo is closed to the public, its creating and sharing educational videos and virtual entertainment. It’s also offering remote learning opportunities for teachers and parents to use with their students, akin to taking a field trip from the couch. Although the new programming has reached audiences far and wide, the lack of ticket sales from visitors has created a financial hardship for the institution. You can support the local zoo with a donation or membership renewal. Aside from lots of learning, the cute and hilarious animal videos are sure to add a bright spot to any day.

While the Houston Zoo has used webcams for years, the number of people watching them has skyrocketed since the zoo closed to the public.

“Each week we had hundreds of thousands of viewers, but since we’ve closed, we’ve had 1.3 million folks visit the webcams,” says Lauren Wappler, the zoo’s public relations manager.

The Facebook Live videos have also been a success, featuring different animals every weekday. The elephants had around 7,200 people tune in during their bath time video. Viewers also enjoyed the sea lions, who showed off their training skills and enjoyed a teeth brushing. “The live videos have been great for the zookeepers to interact with guests,” Wappler says. “They’re able to continue to share their passion for animals with people to show that while we’re not together right now, we’re still together in a sense.”

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