From bears to beers to alligators, states are using creative ways to teach the public about social distancing

Leon County, Florida describes social distancing as one alligator between two people. (Leon County, Florida/Facebook)

Need a graphic to show you how to measure six feet of social distance? Several states have published charts that only their residents may understand.

From bears to alligators to about 500 mosquitoes, states such as California and Alaska are using creative ways to teach the public on how to measure six feet:


A CBS affiliate in San Diego measured social distancing from burritos to beers (FYI, California burritos are good).


From bunnies and bears, Alaska found creative ways to measure physical distancing with their state staples.

Social (Physical) Distancing: Valdez Style During the past couple of weeks, you've been hearing a lot about the concept...

Posted by Valdez Unified Command: covid-19 on Thursday, March 26, 2020


Texas has their own creative way to measure physical/social distancing using animals.

Whether you are visiting a state park or a grocery store, here’s 6 feet of social distancing, Texas wildlife style!

Posted by Guadalupe River State Park - Texas Parks & Wildlife on Sunday, April 5, 2020


Although this can also apply to Houstonians, Floridians are using alligators to measure social distancing.

This is a reminder that during #COVID19, please remember to keep at least 1 large alligator between you and everyone else at all times. #SaferAtHome #PhysicalDistancing #Florida

Posted by Leon County on Thursday, April 2, 2020


Kentucky had other ways to measure physical/social distancing: using Lincoln top hats and bourbon barrels and a horse. They even came up with their own slogan.

Not sure how far away you need to be from others while social distancing? Check out our new guide to social distancing featuring iconic Kentucky symbols! 😉 #TogetherKy #HealthyAtHome #TeamKentucky

Posted by Kentucky Tourism on Friday, April 3, 2020