Some Houstonians flout the rules of social distancing while working out at parks

HOUSTON – It seems like some Houstonians are not following the social distancing order following Harris County’s extending its “stay-home-work-safe” until the end of April.

President Donald Trump also announced the extension of the CDC guidelines to keep people safe from the coronavirus, which includes social distancing, even when you’re out at the park

The problem is people are not keeping a safe social distance in the Houston area, which is another reason why the stay-at-home order was extended Tuesday.

Memorial Park has dozens of trails, Houston as a whole has so much land, yet people are still out close, sweating, without shirts, etc.

If large groups continue to gather like this, surely things will not get better.

Memorial Park and other parks have put up signs saying ‘"enjoy our park but stay 6 feet apart." That message is apparently not being received.