Houston-area photographer captures life in the times of coronavirus, social distancing

Photographer takes photos that highlight life during coronavirus
Photographer takes photos that highlight life during coronavirus

RICHMOND, Texas – As a photographer, Carl Lyle usually takes pictures of weddings, parties, and events. He had to stop due to the COVID-19 pandemic and event cancellations as a result of the outbreak.

“I figured everybody else in my neighborhood was in the same boat, so maybe they’d like to get on their lawns for a little bit and have a photo shoot," said Lyle, who owns IAH photography.

Everyone in his neighborhood was on board. The photos range from funny to genuinely nice family portraits.

“It’s just an opportunity for everybody to get out of their house for a little bit," Lyle said.

With his wife as his chauffeur, Lyle gets creative.

Courtesy of IAH Photography (IAH Photography)

“I map everything out, and I just roll up, and lean out the window with the camera. It takes about 30 seconds," he explained.

The response from his Richmond neighborhood has been tremendous.

"The first night, we had 15 homes, and the second night we had 21 homes,” Lyle said.

It’s a distraction. A short but happy moment. We all need those right now.

“I’m getting a lot out of this just by getting out of the house and seeing people and really just seeing how much fun they’re having," he said.

Lyle hopes these photos serve as a fun memento from an otherwise difficult period.

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