This Galveston beachfront restaurant offers a family-friendly atmosphere and a $5 kids’ menu

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Address: 3204 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77550

I asked where to eat in Galveston, with kids… and approximately one million people told me to go to The Spot. So, on our next trip to Galveston, that’s exactly where we went.

The place was busy when we went on a weekday at lunchtime. Some people were at the 21+ spots (on the same property but with different entrances) but we headed to the family-friendly restaurant.

The Spot is right on Seawall Boulevard, near Pleasure Pier, with a patio overlooking the water. You wait in a fast-moving line, order at the counter and find a seat.

The food came quickly and we ate our fish tacos and kids meals on the patio! The kids’ meals were big in size (so they were great for my older kids that think they need to order off the adult menu) and they were about $5 (so I liked them better than ordering 4 additional adult meals).

Everyone liked the food, everyone had enough to eat, the atmosphere was fun, the view was good and we know why people go there with their families!