#WhataWedding: Check out these newlyweds getting married, Whataburger style

“Roses are red, violets are blue. I vow to share my Whataburger with you.”

Getting married is a big thing, but having Whataburger cater, celebrate, or even officiate your wedding is another level of devotion.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up some photos of couples who made Whataburger part of their wedding tradition.

Congratulations to the happy couples!

Twitter user @Zrrs1994 posted this image of a happy couple celebrating their wedding.

After exchanging vows, Twitter user @Madi_w21 and her new husband celebrated their wedding the Whataburger way.

Twitter user @CoachKHutchinson and her husband posed for a picture in front of a Whataburger in Fort Worth.

A video of a couple getting married inside of a Whataburger was uploaded by Twitter user @Lost_Signal.

Twitter user @SAKoffee_Kween posted an image of a cake she made for her nephew who got married. She borrowed table tents from Whataburger for the groom’s cake.

Twitter user @mariarauza and her new husband brought in a photographer at a Whataburger to capture unforgettable memories.

Twitter user @Shelbyk13 posed for a picture with her husband eating a classic Whataburger after saying “I do."

After exchanging vows, Twitter user @Pretty_Roxy82 had Whataburger with her family during her themed wedding.

Twitter user @ilovestipe bought herself and her groom matching Whataburger t-shirts in anticipation of their upcoming wedding.

Congratulations to Twitter User @torchedham and his new wife! They both celebrated in style at a Whataburger.

Twitter user @Rhonda_Ritter shared this image of her son with his groom’s cake shaped like a Whataburger restaurant.

Twitter user@leslieadami celebrated her best friend’s wedding at a Whataburger.