Pete Davidson jokes about dating famous women on ‘Saturday Night Live’


(CNN) -- Pete Davidson addressed his ever evolving love life on “Saturday Night Live,” and seemed to suggest he may be spending time in rehab during the show’s holiday break.

During the "Weekend Update" segment, Colin Jost, who is engaged Scarlett Johansson, asked Davidson about his own dating life. The comedian poked fun at his high-profile relationships, saying people just don't understand how he dates such famous women.

"It's not fair, Colin. You get to date a famous woman and everyone's delighted, but when I do it the world wants to punch me in the throat," Davidson said. "What'd I do?"

He added, "If I'm your type of guy that your daughter, or mother, is into, then trust me, I'm the best-case scenario. There are a million guys who look like me, and I'm the only one with a job. It's like me or Tyga," Davidson quipped.

When Jost asked about his holiday plans, Davidson hinted at a "vacation."

"I'm going on a little 'vacation,'" Davidson said. "The kind of vacation where insurance pays for some of it, and they take your phone and shoelaces. And you have roommates, but it still costs like $100,000."

Supporters took to social media to speculate whether Davidson was joking or not.

“I don’t know if Pete Davidson is genuinely going to rehab but whatever it is #WeLoveYouPete,” one fan wrote.