Crosby couple searching for owner of bag of Christmas gifts found along road

CROSBY, Texas – The search is on for the owner of a black trash bag filled with what appears to be Christmas gifts.

Brandy Dickson and her husband found the bag on Christmas morning, laying in the middle of Farm-to-Market 1942 near Bohemian Hall Road in Crosby.

“There’s numerous different items of clothing and a toy, different things like that,” Dickson told KPRC 2.

She believes the bag fell out of someone’s truck and wants to return the items to their rightful owner.

Dickson took to social media for help and her Facebook post has been shared many times.

“A couple of people had thought that maybe it was theirs. I did tell them that I wanted them to tell me exactly what was in the bag because if it belonged to someone, they know what’s in it,” Dickson said. “Unfortunately the items they said are not the items that are inside the bag.”

“So many people were like ‘I have this, this and this and this,’ and literally just naming things and so I feel like if they were able to say...all of these different things, they probably really did lose something,” she said.

Dickson hopes the rightful owner of the bag will come forward and the items in the bag can be delivered to the people they were intended for.

“It’s what Christmas is all about,” Dickson said.