4-year-old boy reunited with family after being found wandering near Houston bus stop

HOUSTON – A 4-year-old boy who was found wandering Wednesday evening in the South Side neighborhood of Houston has been reunited with his family, authorities said.

According to Houston police, the child was found near a bus stop at the corner of Scott and Mt. Pleasant streets and was taken to Fire Station 46 on Corder Street at 7:52 p.m.

Houston Fire Department Senior Capt. Jesus Villasana said the barefooted child wasn’t speaking but was watching cartoons, eating candy and laughing at the fire station before he was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital for an evaluation.

Police said the boy’s mother showed up at the fire station a short time after he was dropped off, saying that she wasn’t sure how the boy was able to get out of their apartment.

A spokeswoman for Child Protective Services said Thursday morning the child was back with his family and officials are working to make sure the family has all the resources they need.

Clarification:Officials originally said the child was 3 years old. This story has been updated to reflect new information from a representative of the Houston Fire Department.

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