See this toddler’s adorable reaction to unwrapping ‘the worst Christmas gift ever’

Credit: Twitter user @iamlgndfrvr
Credit: Twitter user @iamlgndfrvr

HOUSTON – A dad tried pranking his toddler by giving her the “worst Christmas gift ever,” a banana, but her reaction, which was captured on video, was not the one he had expected.

The dad, Twitter user @iamlgndfrvr, shared the toddler’s reaction video on social media, one which has caused a lot of “aww’s."

In the video, you can see his daughter unwrapping the banana and her face being filled with joy.

“Banana!" the young girl squealed in excitement.

"I didn’t expect this reaction,” the dad wrote in the caption.

“I happy!" screamed the girl, who asked for help pealing the fruit and kicked her legs in the air before taking a bite.

“Mmmm!" the girl said as she enjoyed her present.

The now-viral video has over 24 million views.

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