Meet new species of baby penguins now on exhibit at Moody Gardens


GALVESTON, TexasMoody Gardens is now home to six new Macaroni baby penguins who have hatched just in time for the holiday season.

This is the first time Moody Gardens welcomes the Macaroni penguin species.

“We’ve had King penguins, we’ve had Rockhoppers, we’ve had Gentoo and we’ve had Chinstraps, so these are the first Macaroni penguins,” Maggie Reynolds, senior biologist at Moody Gardens, said.

The penguins were adopted as eggs from the Sea World in San Diego, as the park had little room left for them.

“We were able to help them out by bringing those eggs here and being able to raise them,” Reynolds said. “We’re very excited to add to our colony this way.”

The first few baby penguins began hatching on Nov. 17 and the others followed soon after.

The chicks currently on exhibit are now one to two weeks old. The rest of the chicks are expected to join them in about a month as they are still being hand-raised by the staff.

You can spot the new baby penguins underneath their parents in the South Atlantic Penguin Exhibit.

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