The Eyes of Texas: Collector in Chief

By Brandon Walker - Reporter

HOUSTON - The Eyes of Texas podcast travels back in time to Saturday, April 8, 1989. That evening, The Eyes of Texas TV show on KPRC2 featured a story about Ronald Wade.


Wade lived in Longview, Texas, and was a staunch backer of President George H.W. Bush, who hadn't even made it past his first 100 days in office.

As a matter of fact, Ron Wade was much more than simply a supporter of President Bush, Wade's belief in the 41st president stretched long before George Bush made a name for himself on the national stage.

Shucks, the average Texan hadn't a clue as to who Bush was. Ron Wade wasn't the average Texan.

In 1964, George Bush, then chairman of the Harris County Republican Party, was a candidate for Senate, running against Ralph Yarborough, the Democratic incumbent. The Lone Star State was a Democratic stronghold back then.

George Bush, running as a young conservative, wanted to change that, and on the campaign trail spoke of doing so.

Mr. Bush's stump impressed then 13-year-old Ron Wade, who predicted then that Mr. Bush would one day be known as President Bush. Thus, Wade became a Bush believer. 

Our journey to the Eyes of Texas vault takes us to Wade's home, where he was interviewed among the George H.W. Bush memorabilia he proudly displayed.

Of course, our decision to re-visit Wade's story comes after President George H.W. Bush's death at the age of 94. President Bush's dedication to Texas, moving to the Lone Star State in the late 1950s, needs no explanation. He was a Texan. Through and through.

Journalists from Texas covered President Bush's journey from local politics to Congress, foreign diplomacy, national intelligence, and eventually the Presidency –- extensively. One journalist, in particular, KPRC2's Ron Stone, developed a special connection with Mr. Bush.

Long before Ron Stone hosted The Eyes of Texas TV show, he profiled the then-chairman of the Harris County Republican Party. Over time, a sense of mutual respect for one another blossomed into so much more.

Our look back continues with a conversation with Ron Stone, Jr. about his father, President George H.W. Bush and the impact they had on each other's lives.


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More about Episode 7 of Season 1:

You can watch the video of the original The Eyes of Texas TV show episode with Ronald Wade here.

Below is a photo of former KPRC2 anchor Ron Stone with President George H.W. Bush, when the latter was in office.

Photo Credit: Ron Stone Jr.



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