Judge Judy lets dog ID its owner in viral video


Judge Judy Sheindlin settled a dog-ownership dispute in a recent episode by ordering that the dog be set loose in the courtroom, and a video of what happened is going viral.

A woman claimed in Judge Judy's court that she had bought the small dog from someone on the street, but a man insisted that the dog called "Baby Boy" was rightfully his.

Judge Judy decided the only way to settle the dispute was to let the dog decide.

“Do you want to go get the dog?” Judge Judy asked the woman.

Another woman brought the dog into the courtroom, and as soon as the small white dog saw the man, it began to stare and wag its tail.

“Madam, listen to me carefully,” Judge Judy said. “Put the dog down.”

As soon as the dog was on all fours, it rushed to the man, licking his face with joy.

The man started crying.

The woman protested, saying the dog responds this way to everyone, but Judge Judy didn’t buy it.

“It's his dog. Pick him up. That’s all — take the dog home,” Judge Judy said.

The court erupted in cheers.

The man said later in the video, "That's what happens when you buy a dog for 50 bucks in front of the mall."

Since the video was posted on YouTube on August 14, the video has been viewed more than 7 million times.

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