Hilarious! Millennial struggle is real as 'SNL' pits generation against baby boomers

By Amanda Cochran - Social Media Producer
Will Heath/NBC

Host Rachel Brosnahan as Keri Dinetta and Pete Davidson as Dylan Knott during the "Millenial Millions" sketch on Saturday, January 19, 2019. Will Heath/NBC

HOUSTON - “Saturday Night Live” took on the millennial generation struggle in a hilarious skit pitting the age group against baby boomers. 

Millennials, often the target of feature pieces blaming the generation for the decline of multiple industries including the cruise industry, napkins, sex and home ownership, are the subject of a fake game show in which contestants compete against baby boomers to win prizes, such as Social Security and health insurance. 

Kenan Thompson played Dave Tulane, host of the game show with contestants Rachel Brosnahan and Pete Davidson.

The skit depicts millennials as people scraping by on the leftovers of the baby boomer generation, and boomers are shown as overindulged whiners, ironically, the exact description often placed on the millennial population.

Watch the full video below.

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