'Despicablimp' flies over Houston

Blimp promotes new film 'Despicable Me 2'

HOUSTON - There was an unusual sight hovering above the Houston area on Sunday.

It wasn't a bird or a plane, but rather a blimp.

Despicablimp, as it's called, flew high over the city for just a short time.

"I was like pumped, super pumped to see it in action," an onlooker said.

"Pretty spectacular. We've never been this close to any blimps. He was expecting to have to chase it down the freeway and things," said one person.

Local 2 got an inside look behind the controls to show viewers what it takes to keep Despicablimp afloat in the air.

"All of the ride we get is very much like a ship out on ocean swells. Up and down, left and right," said Allan Judd, a pilot on the Despicablimp.

The A-150 blimp is one of the largest in the world at 165 feet long or half of a football field. It normally flies 1,000 feet above the Earth with two engines and propellers. The Despicablimp will fly across the country three times, promoting the new film "Despicable Me 2".

"Houston is a huge market; a lot of people here. We came in Friday afternoon and saw all the traffic around 3 to 4. We're seeing all the tail lights and the blimp is not having to make any stops," said pilot Terry Dillard.

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