Obstructed viewing: 5 reasons why the 3D TV concept never took off

Stock image. JESHOOTS.com
Stock image. JESHOOTS.com (Pexels)

Tuesday marks National 3D Day, and it’s meant to celebrate the art, science and history of stereoscopic 3D imagery.

What do you think of when it comes to 3D pictures? Have you ever wondered about why televisions never really took off?

In the early years of the past decade, many TV manufacturers actually hurried to make 3D models after the success of “Avatar” in movie theaters.

The hope was to duplicate that experience at home, according to the website Lifewire.

Stores had neat demonstrations for customers as to what 3D TV viewing could look like, and it was thought to be the future of television.

Even sports fans initially seemed excited about the possibilities of watching live games in 3D.

But by 2016, many TV manufacturers stopped making 3D televisions entirely.

So, why did the 3D craze crash and burn so instantly?

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