Jimmy Fallon’s Kids Hilariously Interrupt His Monologue and Working Parents Can Relate

Working parents everywhere are struggling to juggle watching their kids and finishing their tasks, even Jimmy Fallon! The 45-year-old Tonight Show host has been filming episodes of his NBC late night show in his home during quarantine for the coronavirus outbreak. 

While his daughters Winnie, 6, and Franny, 5, have helped out some, drawing a Tonight Show logo and even playing music earlier this week, Fallon showed on Tuesday night that he certainly has his hands full as his daughters continuously interrupted his monologue jokes, made requests of their dad, and even started arguing over him as he spoke into the camera. 

"You want another gummy worm? Yep, I know. Let's wait for dinner time," Fallon tried to insist. "Yes, of course you can have gummy worms after dinner, OK everyone?"

When his daughter Winnie pushed further, asking why her sister got one and she didn't, Fallon replied, "Franny got it because well look at her, she's running around. You've got it under control, you're doing this [coloring]. Alright, I'll get you a gummy worm. Winnie, you've got to stay, someone's got to be on camera."

He then took Franny on his back to go retrieve Winnie a gummy worm. 

As he tried to deliver monologue jokes the girls began loudly arguing over their dad as he desperately pleaded, "Can you whisper, guys? Hey, Franny, can you whisper? Winnie, can you whisper? Just as I do these?"

One of his jokes hit close to home as he talked about the postponed Olympics. 

"That's right, no Olympics, instead they're handing all the medals to anyone who's stuck at home with a kid under five," he quipped as his wife and camera woman, Nancy Juvonen, laughed. 

"You've got a medal coming, honey," she added. 

Later in the show, Nancy also appeared on camera as the couple opened up about their lives together. Noting that their kids often sleep in their bed with them, Fallon added, "They do have beds, we own beds."

"They don't ever start out with us, but let's just say at five and six, when they do crawl in at night, we're not kicking them out, and the dog, it's usually five of us," Nancy explained. 

For more on how Fallon is handling home quarantine, watch the clip below: 


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