Coronavirus canceled this family’s Disney trip. They made better memories at home

No virus will stop this Texas family from visiting Walt Disney World
No virus will stop this Texas family from visiting Walt Disney World

(CNN) – When a Texas family's Walt Disney World trip was canceled after the park closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, they decided special memories could just as easily be made at home.

The Hearn family, who are regular Disney-goers, recreated what would've been their traditional Disney World experience, drawing parallels between classic Disney moments and DIY versions equipped with costumes, Disney balloons, a mini-Cinderella castle and more.

Their trip to Florida was initially planned for the end of March to celebrate Cady Hearn's last year in her 20s and their newborn's first visit to the park. After booking their trip in January, they'd secured all their fast passes, flights, schedules and hotel rooms.

"Once I heard that Disneyland had closed, I just had a bad feeling," Hearn said. "I just kind of knew that within the next day or two, we were going to hear that Disney World was closing as well. And of course, that's what happened.

"We go on maybe like three or four trips a year to Disney," Hearn said. "Every time that we go, I like to make little videos of our trips and just kind of include the highlights and kind of our favorite parts. Sometimes I share them on my Facebook page for my friends to see, and sometimes we watch them at home."

Recreating magic

Hearn had hoped to make a video for this trip, but soon realized they could recreate what would have happened at Disney to take place at home instead.

A brainstorming session with her sister led to a new project: conjuring memories of what their itineraries in the park were like and what they'd usually photograph there, to produce a list of props, signs and media elements that would mimic the entire experience.