Patricia Arquette Is Quitting Smoking Amid Coronavirus Outbreak and Encouraging Fans to Join Her

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Patricia Arquette has decided to make a big life change in the face of growing concerns over the coronavirus outbreak.

The Escape at Dannemora actress has decided to put her health first and use her self-isolation as a jumping-off point in her efforts to quit smoking.

Arquette, 51, took to Twitter on Monday to share the news with fans and encourage them to join her in getting healthy in the face of possible respiratory infection.

"As COVID-19 attacks the lungs one of the most important things you can do is to quit smoking and vaping," the Oscar winner wrote. "I’m in day 3. Care to join?"

She later shared another message of support, championing her fans' efforts to quit smoking as well, for the sake of a healthier life.

"We can do this this f-cking virus attacks lungs. We don’t want to be on ventilators," she tweeted. "We gotta do it cold turkey."