Meghan McCain Fires Back After Joy Behar Asks Who She's Voting For: 'It's None of Your Business'

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Meghan McCain doesn't think her co-host on The View, Joy Behar, has the right to ask her who she's voting for in the 2020 presidential election. 

The 35-year-old conservative got into it with the 77-year-old liberal on Tuesday's show, when the topic of Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg came up. 

While Behar noted that she thinks Bloomberg is a good opponent for President Donald Trump, McCain had clear reservations, citing troubling past comments the former New York City mayor has made on camera. 

"I'm just saying, you want to go up against Trump and you want to take the moral high ground, Democrats. I don't know if this guy's going to be the one that you can put your character up against," McCain said. 

When Behar began quoting President Trump, McCain noted that the comments weren't related, saying, "I'm not defending Trump because I'm attacking Bloomberg."

"What are you saying then? Who are you going to vote for?" Behar replied. 

McCain went on to call out Behar, saying, "I just think it's so interesting that you have a problem that we are talking about a candidate the way we would any other candidate. He just happens to be at the top, getting the attention right now, which is why we're talking about it right now. What, I'm supposed to give Bloomberg a pass? Not on this show. Not with this host."

While the audience cheered, Behar continued to ask McCain who she planned to vote for.