Get to know the cast of new NBC show 'Bluff City Law'

HOUSTON – "Bluff City Law," starring multi-Emmy Award winner Jimmy Smits premieres tonight on KPRC 2.

It's a show that begins in the aftermath of a family tragedy when a daughter chooses to put aside years of conflict with her father to rejoin his legendary civil rights firm and take on a chemical company whose product may cause cancer.

The show is filmed in Memphis, Tennessee, aka Bluff City.

KPRC 2 anchor Keith Garvin traveled to Memphis recently to watch a sneak preview of the pilot and attend a red carpet event to meet the stars of the show and talk to them about their expectations for the show, and about Memphis.


Here's what they said:

Jimmy Smits on the conflict between his character, Elijah Strait, and his character's daughter, Sydney Strait, played by Caitlin McGee:

"They see the law in a different kind of way, but that concentric circle, which is family, between the father and daughter, which is like the heart of the show. And then the law firm itself is a family."

McGee on the conflict between the two characters that is at the heart of the show:

"The most important thing to draw from Jimmy and my relationship is that we're very similar. I think that's why we (connect). Our tactics are different but, as far as, like, our heart, it's the same."

Barry Sloane, who plays Jake Reilly, on the genuine bond that has grown among the cast:

"It's a family dynamic, a group of people who love being together."

MaameYaa Boafo, who plays Briana Johnson, on why much of the cast decided to live fulltime in Memphis:

"I think, for me, it's important to really just get to be in the city and get to know people because I am being invited here and I want to be able to know who invited me here."

Smits on why he believes the show will connect with viewers:

"The cases that we're dealing with on a weekly basis have a kind of relevance and I think we'll touch people. And everybody can do their little part to change the world."

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