'The Wizard Of Oz' is coming back to theaters in 2019

There truly is no place like home

(Warner Home Video Image)

You better bust out your ruby slippers and practice your best Cowardly Lion growl, because "The Wizard Of Oz" is coming back to theaters for a short time to celebrate its 80th anniversary. 

Select theaters across the country will show the timeless classic on Sunday, Jan. 27; Tuesday, Jan. 29; and Wednesday, Jan. 30. Of course, many of us have seen the movie played on TV around the holidays, but the opportunity to watch the Technicolor land of Oz on the big screen with Judy Garland belting out "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in surround sound is a chance that doesn't come around too often. 

More than 500 theaters will be showing "The Wizard of Oz," and you can find out if a theater near you is participating by visiting the Fathom Events website

In addition to seeing the film on the big screen, there will also be commentary from TCM prime-time host Ben Mankiewicz, whose grandfather, Herman J. Mankiewicz, was one of the screenwriters of the movie. 

So even if you've seen "The Wizard Of Oz" 100 times, this might be the perfect opportunity to introduce a younger sibling or niece or nephew to the magical world of Oz.