H-E-B Selena bags up for auction, sale for big bucks on eBay

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HOUSTON – Remember we told you about those Selena bags at H-E-B?

If you didn’t make it to your store Friday morning to grab your own $2 bag, you can snag one on eBay -- but it’s going to cost you. 

As of this writing, about 30 listings are posted on eBay. 

The bags range in price from about $15 via auction to $100 with the “Buy It Now” option. 

"Everybody wants one," Selena fan Tasha Woods said.

All Houston area stores sold out of the Selena bags by 10:20 a.m. -- within an hour and a half of their release. 

"They were really popular," life-long fan Trish Rios, who stopped at HEB in Gulfgate, said. "I saw them all day long on social media. All my friends -- they were looking for them. They had their friends buy some for them."

The online response was just as overwhelming. The H-E-B site crashed Friday, but eventually went back up. The bags are no longer available online, according to the company.

"It's something to be expected because she was a really big star and when she passed away, we lost a great talent," Rios said.

The beloved Tejano singer's sister, Suzette Quintanilla, worked with the grocery chain to create the totes.

Part of the H-E-B proceeds from the bags will go to the Selena Foundation and the Boys & Girls Club.

HEB said they are all out of bags, but may consider selling more because of the demand.

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